Aligning Business’s Interests with People’s

Mar 26, 2010 Posted Under: economics

Another interesting swimming pool conversation this evening, about the recent Supreme Court decision giving corporations the right to essentially buy as many votes as they want, and the relative quiet now that the health care bill has passed.

I got to thinking, why fight the system? And, it’s not really that new that corporations have been buying votes, like even before we had corporations, the traders always had more say on troop deployments, to protect their own interest in getting the goods delivered.

Which is all good. Ideally, there would be no conflict between business’s interests and people’s. But we sometimes segment businesses so there are divergences. Like with the financial industries always discovering ways to escape the intent of the oversight laws. All that’s needed to fix that situation is one simple rule: no one can lay off all the action, the underwriter has to keep 20% of the risk.

That solution works well for the insurance industry in general. Now all that’s needed to make the health care industry work for us instead of for business is to align their interests with our own. This could be done by mandating that health care insurance automatically comes with life insurance which will pay out at least twice what the most recently recommended health care for that person would have cost.

This would have the effect of making sure the insrance companies make more money keeping us alive and paying the insurance premiums. They would suddenly become interested in seeing that we eat healthy. Then that would see the food industry wanting to also keep us alive longer, to eat ultimately more food.

What do you think?

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