Our mission: maximize total human choices made

Jul 30, 2012 Posted Under: economics, philosophy

In thinking about the political difficulties which inevitably arise every time we generate a too top-heavy oligarchic system, I started wondering how to frame such a challenge to our best thinkers — how would you change society’s rules to take advantage of the tremendous energy towards the accumulation of wealth and power such that those accumulations will operate to the benefit of all and not bring about the usual violent reorganization?

That started me thinking about what it is we really want to maximize — people years?  No, how about healthy people years?  Maybe, but who defines healthy?

From the viewpoint of our DNA, it might be that effective information processing is wanted.  How about number of people choices, that’s a pretty good metric for a healthy, functioning human brain without being too restrictive on use of prosthetic assistances.  And human because, while we want to advantage ourselves by use of computers, we don’t want the definition of our health to create its own genetic pressure for the computers to evolve.  That will happen soon enough.

Now, how could such a refocussing of our efforts back towards the total health of our species be implemented in our political systems?

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