Re-engineering the Military-Industrial Complex

Mar 27, 2012 Posted Under: economics

David Letterman plaintively asked Rachel Maddow last night “Why, in 2012, are we still so focused on killing other humans?” during the interview about her book Drift which discusses our increasing disconnect from the process of declaring and making war.  She dodged his question with “That’s above my pay grade” and “Whoever figures that out can write the next Bible.”

But I don’t think it is above her pay grade, and she could well be among those to help us think about it — her book suggests considerable knowledge and thought about the processes of warring.

This led me to dreaming last night, during which today’s tweet was composed:

Resentment leads to revenge, which returns. Forgiving lets resentment become “lesson learned”, and can become respect, even friendship.

That suggests a negotiating stance to accomplish more peace, but of course we will need to persuade the weapons manufacturers it will be more profitable to provide research and solutions to energy, water, food and space exploration endeavors to have a chance to succeed.  That will be a challenge, but certainly one we need to take on: the Re-engineering of the Military-Industrial Complex.

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