Defining Success

May 22, 2013 Posted Under: philosophy

I sent my son an article recommending a good habit: starting your day half and hour earlier, on the theory that the extra time used well and regularly in the most effective and productive segment of the day would pay off like coumpounding dividends over the course of a lifetime.

Actually, he had already adopted this strategy last year; I was just reminding and complementing him on his excellent instincts about designing life to make continual improvements.

But then he asked me “how do you define success?”, mentioning that he was concerned about time earlier in his life when he wasn’t choosing activities that were moving him toward success.

My answers are

  • You alone define success for yourself, since you are the only one choosing how you react to each circumstance.  Part of those reactions are how pleased you are with your role in each circumstance.
  • You can continually improve the quality of your circumstances by noticing which selections of opportunities lead to less than best case outcomes.  Then experiment with how you make those opportunity selections.
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