Living a Long Life

May 01, 2012 Posted Under: philosophy

A friend mentioned having heard an estimate that anyone living past 65 these days has a pretty good chance of seeing 80.  I’m not sure what the national and worldwide statistics show about this belief, but in my own case, I think there might be something to it.  My mother is approaching 90 and many on both my parents’ sides have lived past 100 in the past century.

So my estimate is that I also will easily see 90.  Which puts me definitely in range to become one of the LongLived, i.e., people who will benefit from the rapidly increasing pace of medical discoveries designed to extend our lifetimes.  The LongLived are variously estimated to live to at least 150, and perhaps to 1000.

Having this prospect from my youthful reading of Heinlein’s Lazarus Long brought to mind again, I am suddenly amazed at how much it lifts my spirits and changes my morality subtly back from total interest in advantaging my children and grandchildren to assuring the planet will be further enhanced to sustain us all, me included.  In other words, I am no longer retired, but again among the living and contributing!

But having lived 2/3 of a century so far, and been lulled into semi-comatosity, I am happy to have as much time as needed to accomplish my dreams while also now being much more aware that some sense of urgency, and daily persistent effort, helps get things done.

Back to even more enthusiastic work, investigation, learning, and engineering!

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