How We Got to President Trump

Nov 11, 2016 Posted Under: politics

By assuming the polls were representing the voting. By not carefully sorting out the complaints against the system according to how emotionally charged they were. By not gathering information actually relevant to what people would get out and bother voting for (or against).

Trump’s campaign did some of that sorting out, by attacking various groups as if they might be the cause of the problems people were upset about, or could be energized to be upset about. Then they noticed how much traction each idea got, and where, and focused further efforts where they could gather the most emotional energy.

Clinton’s campaign addressed the issues much more logically, with proposals that could actually work. But those proposals lacked the fear and anger that Trump cultivated.  And it probably cost her the election that she tried to shame some of the Trump supporters with her “basket of deplorables” comment — they picked it up as a badge of honor.

Changes expected next time will include information gathering representing people’s emotional concerns, not just the practical ones. This information will come from noticing what TV and radio shows folk attend, their social media and phone discussions, and the emotional energy attached to each. And perhaps even counting the number of signs on lawns — this can be done by drone flyby.

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