Why We Do Things

Feb 14, 2012 Posted Under: creating

This is a bit of a ramble, a collection of thoughts, perhaps not in the usual order …

Security and Fairness

We like to know we’re going to eat and have a place to sleep and have those pretty much in equality with our neighbors.

Being Right, Competition, Greed and Secrets

But we also need to know we’re in the best group, in case there’s to be any unfairness.

Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’roll

And then, let’s have some FUN, with altered states of consciousness.

Let Go and Let God, and Getting In the Zone

Having noticed we don’t always get exactly what we intended, allowing the subconscious to suggest alternatives got confused with suspending judgment (having faith) and religion.

Becoming expert enough at any endeavor to permit the subconscious actual control can be a religiously ecstatic experience.

Love and Be Loved

We’re social animals and need to feel connected.

Art and Literature

Refinements of altering states of awareness and points of view.

Science and Mathematics

Getting more understanding and control of the environment.

The Effects of Aging

Of course most folk are aware of the complaints of aging — aches and pains and less physical ability.   So much so that you don’t often hear of the benefits — slower can be better in that it allows more time to savor, enjoy and reflect on (oddly enough, especially sex).

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