Global Warming Science Fiction

Jan 31, 2013 Posted Under: terraforming

Reading about using rust as a solar energy collector started me thinking about some of the ways we have of transforming energy. It might be possible to transform radiation to the right frequency to match photon energy to electron energy as needed for any given solar energy conversion chemistry.

Somewhere in here the image of a star forming under the force of gravity shifted my imagination to larger scale projects. I wondered why we can’t use the natural heat flow from hot to cold to marshall excess heat out to space, kind of a natural refrigerator? And, once we learn to do that, could the same process be applied to Venus, to make it habitable?

And, what if we could shoot some of the excess carbon dioxide from Venus on a Mars matching orbit, like from a firehose, perhaps even including some iron so as to recreate a magnetic protection field for Mars?

These ideas, crazy as they sound, might be “just engineering problems”, involving no new physics.

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