Timeline of Spinning Things

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When Where What Who
prehistory dustdevils and whirlpools
prehistory, 400,000 BP Germany spears thrown with spin
prehistory spindle used to create yarn from fibres
125,000 BP fire bow-drill to create fire
61000 BP Sibudu Cave, South Africa arrows (presumably with fletching?)
35000 BCE Lebombo mountains of Swaziland baboon’s fibula with 29 notches (lunar or menstrual calendar?)
30000 BP Carpathian Mountains in Poland boomerang, made of mammoth’s tusk
18000 ? BP Europe sling
6000 BCE Mesopotamia potter’s wheel (although pottery dates back to 29000 BP)
4000 BCE Northern Caucasus wheeled cart, chariot
3500 BCE Iraq spinning top
700 BCE Babylonia chain pump (water wheel)
515 BCE Greece crane and winch
500 BCE Greece yo-yo
260 BCE Greece gear Archimides
120 BCE Rhodes astronomical precession Hipparchus
20 ? BCE Rome aliopile (steam jet engine), pulley, hoist Vitruvius
60~ Greece windwheel Heron of Alexandria
250~ Hierapolis, Asia Minor water powered crank driven sawmill
1150~ India perpetual motion wheel mathematician Bhāskara II
1500~ Italy paddle wheel (pedalo) Leonardo da Vinci
1520~ Augsberg, Germany barrel rifling August Kotter
1743~ England whirling speculum (nautical horizon leveler) John Serson
1817~ Germany gyroscope Johann Bohnenberger
1817~ Mannheim wooden draisine Baron Karl von Drais
1839~ Glasgow velocipede Kirkpatrick MacMillan
1869~ France bicycle (penny-farthing) Thomas McCall
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