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My [obvious] search strategy tricks

Nov 18, 2009 Posted Under: internet

It has happened more than once that someone has claimed they can’t find what they’re looking for on the web.  These are some of the strategies I use, by typing directly into the google search box at top right of my browser … concept vs This one pulls up the concepts most commonly compared to […]

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And now, some cosmology …

Nov 15, 2009 Posted Under: cosmology

In the pool last night, one of my friends made a comment about reversing entropy.  Which led me to tell him about the article I had just read about Stephen Hawking’s recent efforts. Hawking made a bet with Kip Thorne, if you recall, against John Preskill of CalTech that information could not leak out of […]

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The new IKEA desk

Nov 15, 2009 Posted Under: personal

Last Sunday my son Stefan and I went to IKEA in Brooklyn (Red Hook) to get the desk he had picked out after some weeks of shopping online and in the furniture showrooms.  I was puzzled about why we couldn’t order it online or over the phone until we got there and I saw their […]

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