Evolving from Competition to Collaboration

Nov 23, 2012 Posted Under: internet, philosophy

While pondering the failures and opportunities to reinvent our political systems, it occurred to me that we could make some substantive moves towards a more democratic and less representative society.  One of the main problems with representative government is that every time you hire someone to manage your money, a good bit of it usually ends up in their pockets.  This result is particularly symptomatic of politicians (not blaming them, just noticing).

It has recently been widely publicized that predictive markets have been more accurate than our traditional polling methods.  This effect could be incorporated into online polling systems with increasing legal force as their usefulness is validated.  Then I began wondering if the idea had already surfaced, and thought that maybe huffingtonpost.com comes closest so far.  Looking over there I found an amazing open source manufacturing system.

Why can’t we open source the communications network?  Most of our phones now have the connectivity needed to operate completely peer-to-peer.  This should be our fallback system, in case the centrally controlled networks become compromised due to greed, war or other natural disaster.

Evolving away from the patent system towards open source can be an important step in our ongoing evolution towards collaboration (while still retaining competitive elements, perhaps in the attribution model of science acknowledgment).

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