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On Choosing Personal and Professional Services

Mar 28, 2014 Posted Under: business, internet, personal

My son asked me about selecting a dental insurance plan while he is at college.  The options included choice of an HMO plan or a PPO plan, the difference being: less out-of-pocket (copay) cost but a more restricted collection of dental service providers for the HMO plan. This led to thinking about the general problem […]

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Evolving from Competition to Collaboration

Nov 23, 2012 Posted Under: internet, philosophy

While pondering the failures and opportunities to reinvent our political systems, it occurred to me that we could make some substantive moves towards a more democratic and less representative society.  One of the main problems with representative government is that every time you hire someone to manage your money, a good bit of it usually […]

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12th Annual AT&T Cyber Security Conference

Oct 13, 2010 Posted Under: internet

Among several scary and alarming assessments of our, and the world’s, (lack of) security capabilities at today’s conference, I found Dr. Edward Amoroso’s retrospective from the year 2035 the most imaginative and interesting of the presentations. He used the scenario to review his entire 50 year tenure at AT&T and the curious developments of security […]

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My [obvious] search strategy tricks

Nov 18, 2009 Posted Under: internet

It has happened more than once that someone has claimed they can’t find what they’re looking for on the web.  These are some of the strategies I use, by typing directly into the google search box at top right of my browser … concept vs This one pulls up the concepts most commonly compared to […]

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