The new IKEA desk

Nov 15, 2009 Posted Under: personal

Last Sunday my son Stefan and I went to IKEA in Brooklyn (Red Hook) to get the desk he had picked out after some weeks of shopping online and in the furniture showrooms.  I was puzzled about why we couldn’t order it online or over the phone until we got there and I saw their business plan in operation.  They use the customer to pickup the kit pieces from the warehouse, accomplishing order QA simultaneously.

And, they make you go through as much of the whole store and warehouse as they possibly can, I guess so you don’t forget anything you may have wanted.  But it makes getting in and out with only what you wanted impossible to do efficiently.

Not being able to get checked out reasonably quickly annoyed both of us to the point I doubt we’ll purchase from them again.

Then Stefan had fun putting the two side drawer sets together on Wednesday (no school for Veterans Day), only needing me once to help interpret a quandary.

The desk looks GREAT, he’s got much more room to work, and his mom got his old desk, which pleases her.

All in all, another thing to be grateful for in our lives.

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