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On Choosing Personal and Professional Services

Mar 28, 2014 Posted Under: business, internet, personal

My son asked me about selecting a dental insurance plan while he is at college.  The options included choice of an HMO plan or a PPO plan, the difference being: less out-of-pocket (copay) cost but a more restricted collection of dental service providers for the HMO plan. This led to thinking about the general problem […]

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The new IKEA desk

Nov 15, 2009 Posted Under: personal

Last Sunday my son Stefan and I went to IKEA in Brooklyn (Red Hook) to get the desk he had picked out after some weeks of shopping online and in the furniture showrooms.  I was puzzled about why we couldn’t order it online or over the phone until we got there and I saw their […]

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Summer fun with my son

Aug 23, 2009 Posted Under: personal

I’ve been having so much fun with my son, Stefan, this summer.  He’s 13 1/2 and just entering high school in two weeks. He’s been taking swimming lessons, and we go swimming everyday at the Y.  And building a robot from parts we ordered from a project he found online. He’s also been learning programming […]

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