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Sep 07, 2010 Posted Under: cosmology

Since my last post there has been much investigation of other people’s thinking along these lines, including even some math background. I realized that my attempt to start with zero dimensional points was leading to the anathema of infinities that have plagued quantum mechanics for a long time. The universe is apparently 13.7 billion years old, which denies the possibility of infinities.

My efforts were moving directly toward string theories. Maybe they still are, but I want to start even before things as large as strings.

Part of my recent research has led me to notice the “essentials” of physics. So far I am even questioning the basic concepts of Gauss and Planck: that length, time and angular momentum are the essentials.

There is perhaps another, even more fundamental, way of looking at these notions. What if a (finite) number of distinguishable points are governed by game-of-life style rules specifying how closely packed they may be among the “holes” separating them in their topological space? These rules could look exactly like probabilities at the 100,000 foot view, as we see their collections (which we think of as particles).

Then the only essential is that things not remain the same (time).

With different rulesets we might have multiple universes, as some string theorists have proposed lately. This could even let the rulesets evolve the most interesting universes.

This line of thinking suggests to me the possibility of a computer program to discover a ruleset matching our own physics to some arbitrary closeness.

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