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Was Einstein right about probability being inadequate?

Nov 09, 2013 Posted Under: cosmology, philosophy, physics

My son has been suggesting for some time now that I contact actual scientists about my search for physics which better explain our universe.  Finally I have found one edge of a larger community of such maverick thinkers in the annual contests of Max Tegmark’s Foundational Questions Institute. The first contest essay I read last […]

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A Definition of Life

Feb 20, 2013 Posted Under: cosmology, evolution

Could life be described as simply as: structures or patterns capable of diverting energy flows from their normal entropy destinations into replications of their patterns (including copying error mutations)? Under this definition we should expect to see life in many more circumstances than ones whose chemistry resembles our own, maybe even as cloud formations in […]

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Grokking Gravity

Sep 17, 2012 Posted Under: cosmology, physics

After remembering my dreams in the bath the other morning, I puzzled some more about gravity, wondering “where is the equal and opposite reaction to the force of gravity?” Looking at gravity from Einstein’s point of view, that it is a curving of spacetime, allowed me to wonder if there shouldn’t be a corresponding negative […]

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Feb 07, 2012 Posted Under: cosmology, economics

Before the Beginning was the Void.  Then was the Law: something must change.  And the Law was called entropy, aka time.  So, the Void changed into Something.  And at the next execution of the Law (planck time tick), the Something also changed.  And on, and on, ’til nowabouts … Stars following the first generation formed […]

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Lucid Dreaming and Embarrassing Questions

Jan 07, 2012 Posted Under: cosmology

At the end of last year my son recommended an approach to Lucid Dreaming which includes setting dream targets and then recording your dreams every day. Amazingly, it seems to work! Last night’s dreaming encompassed 3 questions: 1) If the Big Bang started from a zero dimensional point, that would look like a black hole […]

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In the beginning …

Sep 07, 2010 Posted Under: cosmology

Since my last post there has been much investigation of other people’s thinking along these lines, including even some math background. I realized that my attempt to start with zero dimensional points was leading to the anathema of infinities that have plagued quantum mechanics for a long time. The universe is apparently 13.7 billion years […]

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Another Crack at Cosmology

Aug 04, 2010 Posted Under: cosmology

The last attempt at this discussion started with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle already in play. But that presupposes too much. Instead, I’d like to take a common saying of my teenage son as a starting point: “Dad, I’m bored.” Now I think he is asking for coaching about how to discover more interesting things, which […]

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And now, some cosmology …

Nov 15, 2009 Posted Under: cosmology

In the pool last night, one of my friends made a comment about reversing entropy.  Which led me to tell him about the article I had just read about Stephen Hawking’s recent efforts. Hawking made a bet with Kip Thorne, if you recall, against John Preskill of CalTech that information could not leak out of […]

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