Lucid Dreaming and Embarrassing Questions

Jan 07, 2012 Posted Under: cosmology

At the end of last year my son recommended an approach to Lucid Dreaming which includes setting dream targets and then recording your dreams every day. Amazingly, it seems to work!

Last night’s dreaming encompassed 3 questions:

1) If the Big Bang started from a zero dimensional point, that would look like a black hole encompassing all the matter/energy of our universe. Then time started its ‘every Planck tick must have a change’ and it would behave like a white hole during the rapid expansion. At the end of the ticking towards maximum entropy, what happens? Does a tick after maximum entropy introduce more order back into the universe? Or might the ticking change direction entirely, towards minimum entropy again, in essence recreating the universe backwards?

2) If the universe started from a spinning black hole, wouldn’t it have to have been spinning faster than the speed of light to slow down by now to the current spin rate? Does that refer to the initial rapid expansion? If the spin continues slowing as the universe expands, does it come to a complete stop, like a spinning dancer with arms straight out? Does that complete stop correspond to the end of time?

3) How did the notion of harvesting electromagnetic flux energy get the unfortunate appellation “Free Energy”, seeming to contradict the conservation of energy law? In fact, all the energy we use on the planet in one way or another is “Free Energy”, coming from the sun and radioactive decay in the planet’s core (from previous stars). We burn wood, coal and oil from plants having previously captured sunlight. We now convert solar energy directly to electricity, and use wind, water and nuclear power to run electric generators. Tesla’s attempts to directly harvest static and magnetic flux energy seem to fit well within this pattern. It is slightly comforting that the world’s patenting agencies have begun permitting patents in this area again, instead of denouncing them as “perpetual energy” machines. Soon we will be using “freer energy”, in the sense that it is easier to build direct electricity converters than generators. I hope soon enough to reduce our anomalous carbon emissions and stop melting the ice caps.

And, why hasn’t life evolved more of these direct electricity conversion techniques? I suspect because life is opportunistic and settled on the first workable solution, the visible light capture via chlorophyll.

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