Feb 07, 2012 Posted Under: cosmology, economics

Before the Beginning was the Void.  Then was the Law: something must change.  And the Law was called entropy, aka time.  So, the Void changed into Something.  And at the next execution of the Law (planck time tick), the Something also changed.  And on, and on, ’til nowabouts …

Stars following the first generation formed with planets having many elements, and so Life happened. And then, Sex happened, and more varieties of Life evolved quicker and with more resilience to catastrophic changes of environment.  And somewhere between Life and Sex, agreements started to form, first to identify non-self and food, and then to select a mate.  These agreements required the beginnings of Language, including protocol, syntax and meanings assigned to symbols, which then required memory.


And thus was born the source of all Wealth: Knowledge — the accumulation of useful agreements.


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