Dimensions, angles and mass …

Aug 27, 2011 Posted Under: The Universe Game

As Hurricane Irene settles in on us, I recollect rehearing last week the Dimensions edition of “Through the Wormhole” and subsequently dreaming of a multidimensional tesseract-looking unfolding of spacetime.

Since then the imaginings have wandered back to one dimensionality, but with line segments of length 1 and no time dimension, just the continuous operation of the quantum “probability wave function”. The advantage of no time dimension is it avoids the inevitable question “why can’t we access previous time, like we can all directions of space?”

These line segments have a relation to the point of origin (distance, or address) and a polarity (the end closest to origin and the end farther from origin). Can it have a spin? I suppose if we say it can. Does the spin require another dimension? Put that question on hold.

While wondering how index of refraction works, it occurred to me that a non-right angle of the extra space dimensions could coincidentally describe the mass involved. So empty space has right angles and mass has angles, which also of course describes gravity.

This setup is almost worthy of a Game of Life style emulator 🙂

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