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Photon, Simplified

Feb 05, 2012 Posted Under: The Universe Game

The photon is said to be the massless carrier of the electromagnetic force, having only energy, polarity, and direction. In information terms, it might be described by 1 bit for spin and a direction vector representing the counts of right and left turns at the vertices of equilateral triangles on the surface of the sphere […]

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Dimensions, angles and mass …

Aug 27, 2011 Posted Under: The Universe Game

As Hurricane Irene settles in on us, I recollect rehearing last week the Dimensions edition of “Through the Wormhole” and subsequently dreaming of a multidimensional tesseract-looking unfolding of spacetime. Since then the imaginings have wandered back to one dimensionality, but with line segments of length 1 and no time dimension, just the continuous operation of […]

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