Photon, Simplified

Feb 05, 2012 Posted Under: The Universe Game

The photon is said to be the massless carrier of the electromagnetic force, having only energy, polarity, and direction.

In information terms, it might be described by 1 bit for spin and a direction vector representing the counts of right and left turns at the vertices of equilateral triangles on the surface of the sphere of the universe. The sum of these planck lengths is the wavelength (energy) of the photon. Two counters are needed to track the progress of the photon through a wave, one for planck times and one for present right vs left turns.

The number of bits to count the turns (x and y) might be variable, the same as needed to count the age of the universe in planck times.   This variableness could account for the early sudden expansion of the universe just as photons decoupled from the hot plasma.

This scheme has the advantage of total relativity.

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