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Why is hate so rewarding?

Jun 28, 2021 Posted Under: philosophy, politics

The most common approach to conflict resolution is to start with facts we all agree on. Those seem to be evaporating in the face of disinformation campaigns by all sides. One fact should be easy — we’re all human, and have the same fundamental needs: food, shelter, love, respect. But even that obvious fact fails […]

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Mar 20, 2020 Posted Under: physics

  As time ticks, Information decays to disorder equivalent to Energy decays as space expands

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How We Got to President Trump

Nov 11, 2016 Posted Under: politics

By assuming the polls were representing the voting. By not carefully sorting out the complaints against the system according to how emotionally charged they were. By not gathering information actually relevant to what people would get out and bother voting for (or against). Trump’s campaign did some of that sorting out, by attacking various groups […]

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Snowden and Data Security

Sep 27, 2016 Posted Under: computer programming, evolution

Excerpted from DarkReading ‘Stone’s movie also hit on the biggest legal vulnerability threatening our constitutional rights: secret laws being written that avoid the critical checks and balances of the American system of balance of powers. One key source of these secret threats is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court system, which issues secret rulings […]

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Justice and Loyalty — Searching for Fairness

Sep 25, 2016 Posted Under: philosophy

All our political systems started out as searches for the best leaders, and fairness in apportionment of resources. The best hunt organizer would easily become the hunting band’s leader, and his authority would undoubtedly prevail in the sharing of the spoils. And similarly with leaders in other areas of expertise. Until one didn’t share the […]

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The Art of Love

Jun 23, 2016 Posted Under: philosophy

My take on a recommendation of my son, the film 500 days of Summer — The Art of Love (and Friendship?): emotionally pleasing communications from understanding and acceptance of discrepancies between expectations of an event and its actuality based on differing responses to the continually changing inputs of life.   Preferring one person over another […]

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The Root of All Evil: Secrets

Dec 12, 2014 Posted Under: philosophy

Only laws needed: no violence or threat of violence against person, property or truth. Secrets arise from transgressions of law or morality, and are almost always meant to advantage us over someone else less “in the know”. The value of a secret may be measured in the pain one is willing to endure to maintain […]

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Ethics, Loyalties and The Singularity

Apr 18, 2014 Posted Under: evolution, philosophy

The point of literature: a search engine for equity I’ve been conducting a rather intense and thoroughgoing review of the principal themes of literature in the last couple of years, at least as it shows up in television and movies.  It seems to me the point of most of our literature is to explore the […]

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On Choosing Personal and Professional Services

Mar 28, 2014 Posted Under: business, internet, personal

My son asked me about selecting a dental insurance plan while he is at college.  The options included choice of an HMO plan or a PPO plan, the difference being: less out-of-pocket (copay) cost but a more restricted collection of dental service providers for the HMO plan. This led to thinking about the general problem […]

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Was Einstein right about probability being inadequate?

Nov 09, 2013 Posted Under: cosmology, philosophy, physics

My son has been suggesting for some time now that I contact actual scientists about my search for physics which better explain our universe.  Finally I have found one edge of a larger community of such maverick thinkers in the annual contests of Max Tegmark’s Foundational Questions Institute. The first contest essay I read last […]

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