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Whence the redshift?

Apr 06, 2011 Posted Under: physics

A few weeks back my son asked me to explain the redshift, and I discovered I could not! Having started with the usual comparison to the Doppler effect in the sound waves of a train or siren, it suddenly occurred to me there was no correspondent to the collection of air molecules the sound wave […]

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In the beginning …

Sep 07, 2010 Posted Under: cosmology

Since my last post there has been much investigation of other people’s thinking along these lines, including even some math background. I realized that my attempt to start with zero dimensional points was leading to the anathema of infinities that have plagued quantum mechanics for a long time. The universe is apparently 13.7 billion years […]

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Another Crack at Cosmology

Aug 04, 2010 Posted Under: cosmology

The last attempt at this discussion started with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle already in play. But that presupposes too much. Instead, I’d like to take a common saying of my teenage son as a starting point: “Dad, I’m bored.” Now I think he is asking for coaching about how to discover more interesting things, which […]

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And now, some cosmology …

Nov 15, 2009 Posted Under: cosmology

In the pool last night, one of my friends made a comment about reversing entropy.  Which led me to tell him about the article I had just read about Stephen Hawking’s recent efforts. Hawking made a bet with Kip Thorne, if you recall, against John Preskill of CalTech that information could not leak out of […]

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